Common Races

Below are the common Races in Drakomere, if you wish to play another race, talk to your DM about it. Your creature type is assumed to be Humanoid, your base Walking Speed is assumed to be 30ft, and your size is assumed to be Medium unless otherwise stated. Some features imply they are based on culture, such as the Bugbear’s Surprise Attacks, or the Dragonwrought's Air of Authority, if you don’t feel these fit your character, work with your DM to create, or swap it out for a comparably powered feature. Most skill proficiencies and languages are also cultural, if you don’t feel these fit with your character, work with your DM to swap them out for more fitting ones.

FYI: There's still some info to add to the races like Age and Alignment, if it is not present, just ask your DM for what it would roughly be.

Bugbears are neither bugs nor bears, they are the hulking cousins of goblins and hobgoblins. They are stealthy hunters, using their long limbs to gain the upper hand on their enemy.

(aazh'-aal (Centaurs) have the upper bodies, down to the waist, of muscular humans, but below the waist, they have the bodies of muscular horses. They're powerful bodies and large sizes make them feared fighters and fast runners.

Crystalkin are crystalline humanoids, floating a few feet off the ground, with psychic and radiant abilities. Their innate powers make them feared mages and spellcasters.

Dragonwrought are dragon-esque humanoids, with features and abilities based on which type of dragon their wrought from. Their brawn and innate breath weapons make them dangerous combatants on the battlefield.

Deeplings are writhing masses of tentacles, capable of shifting into many forms and camouflaging themselves. They're innate stealth makes them excellent ambushers.

Dwarves are stout humanoids, descended from a race of giants forgotten long ago. They're proud and hardy culture and physiology makes them adept brawlers.

Faeries are tiny fey creatures, endlessly curious and adaptable, they try numerous occupations and hobbies. They're adaptability makes them an unending source of utility.

Firbolgs are large humanoids directly descended from Giants, but cursed to become more passive and peaceful, which they have embraced. Their harmony with nature and natural caring intuition makes them wonderful supporters.

Genasi are half-genies, either by lineage or given power, with strong innate elemental prowess. This strength and resilience to elements make them varied, wild, and resistant warriors.

Grung are frog-like humanoids, descended from unthinkable monsters and pure elemental power. Their wicked claws and elemental skin-coating makes them a force to be reckoned with.

Gnolls are hyena humanoids, twisted by aberrant forces but brought back from madness by Sardior. They have an adaptable, varied, and either wildly ferocious or skilled and tactical combat style.

Goblins are short, green, and sneaky humanoids, related to bugbears and hobgoblins. Their short stature and wiry nature makes them almost implacable.

Goliaths are tall, beefy humanoids, related to Dwarves, they have massive power and muscles. Their innate resilience and strength makes them insurmountable towers to take down.

Halflings are a laid back folk, descended from a particular family of Half-Kethie-Dwarves. Even though the majority are usually content to live in their homes with simple pleasures, those who adventure use their inexplicable luck and their foes underestimation of them to great effect.

Hobgoblins are the third Goblinoid race, along with Goblins and Bugbears. They have a natural gift for command, and become more powerful with more allies, which is used to great extent in combat.

Humans are adaptable, strong-willed, and unshakable. With a natural talent for magic, sword, and skill, they can do anything they put their minds to.

Ìqáalìe are lizard humanoids, generally reclusive, with innate magic for communication. Their unique culture and sharp teeth make them skilled warriors.

Kalashtari are psychically gifted humans, descended from the Kalashtar, having lost their connection to their previous source of psionic power, they began filling their minds with fictional worlds and stories. Their expansive minds and storied subconscious makes them resilient to psychic invasion.

Kethie are denizens of the Lierethi, a forest continent, in other worlds they would be called Elves, they are expert hunters, able to speak in a single-handed sign language. Their skill with hunting makes them skilled and deadly warriors.

Kobolds are smaller draconic humanoids, based on where they live, they are generally either treated horribly or accepted in society. No matter how they're treated, Kobolds are naturally sneaky and creative, using both of these to great effect, either cowering to distract enemies, or roaring to inspire allies.

Leonin are lion humanoids from the Wild-Plains, along with Centaurs, Ursan, and others. With a culture of Might Makes Right, Leonin are a ferocious flurry of claws and teeth on the battlefield.

Locathah are fish folk who live in the Archipelago along with Loxodon, Triton, and Ìqáalìe. Their scaly skin and surprising strength makes them unexpectedly effective warriors in combat

Loxodon are large elephant folk who lead the day-to-day duties of the established cities in the Archipelago. They're large trunks, thick hide, and brawny arms makes them tough opponents on the battlefield.

Minotaurs are bull folk, strong willed, curly horned, and muscly. They are ferocious opponents in combat and have an exceptional memory.

Otterfolk are residents of Mooraarbaa, excellent swimmers and aquatic way finders. Their skill in the water and their cultural weapons makes them slippery and deadly warriors.

Shifters are often called were-touched, half-shifting to a lycanthropic form. They completely have this shifting under control and use it to great effect in battle.

Ursan are bear folk, ferocious, often unbreakable, and with a hunger for honey. Their need to sleep longer then most and cravings for honey is more then made up for by their powerful claws and thick hide.

Tortles are turtle humanoids, with strong shells, and a love for the simple things. Their natural armor and resilient nature makes them warriors full of stamina and strength.

Treants are tree creatures, ranging from sizes of tiny to large, they are some of the most varied creatures in Drakomere. Their natural resistance to bludgeons counteracts their weakness to axes and flame, and their ability to sense the tremors in the earth around them and to subsist purely on light makes them expert survivalists.

Tritons are frilly humanoids, blue and proud. They inspire others and have great skill both on land and in the sea.

Verdan are humanoids born of pure chaos, arrayed on all ends of spectrum of stealth, brawn, skill, and magic.

Monstrous Races

The following are a set of miscellaneous monstrous races. Most races in this section have a Level Adjustment feature, this feature indicates the relative power level of the race and balances accordingly. Level adjustment lowers the levels you have in classes, but does not lower your effective character level, for example, a Harpy has a level adjustment of 1, if you were a 3rd level Harpy Wizard, you would be a 2nd level Wizard, and being a Harpy would use one of those levels. This is all incredibly homebrewed material and will be worked on as the campaign is played.

To-Make: Aboleth, Troll, Lycanthropes, Elementals, Ettercaps, Dragons, Animated Objects, Blights, Draco-Sphinxes, Yetis

Half Races

Below are a list of half-races to choose from, this list will most likely be incomplete for a while, and it may be done in a very different way in the future.

Rare Races

Below are the uncommon and rare races in Drakomere. These races are most likely to not show up in games and most player characters wouldn't be one of them. If you want to play a rare race, talk to your DM about why you're one of them.

Uncommon Dwarves
Uncommon Kethie
Simic Hybrid